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Little Tales is a slice of life furry webcomic. We update three days a week with slice of life strips Monday and Friday and a retelling of the classic G.K. Chesterton story, The Man Who Was Thursday on Wednesdays. We're currently working out a mechanism that will enable browsers to read Thursday alone if they require, but the code is tricky and our programmer is busy. It is in the works though! If you would like to join in discussions for individual comments or participate in the Little Tales community, please visit our Livejournal!

We have recently printed the first year of strips in a collected volume. Also, we have a digital copy of our first 24-hour comic available. The book is $10 plus priority shipping, and anyone who purchases or has purchased a copy of the book gains access to the comic for free. Otherwise, you can purchase the digital copy of Gen's first 24 hour comic, entitled "Listen" for $5. Purchase info is available below!

If you would like to view my non comic related artwork, you can catch it at FurAffinity under the username genesisw right here.

The Little Bully

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Little Tales Books
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"Piotyr's Prologue", the
24hour comic done in January
2011 is complete!  Click below
purchase a copy!  Only $5!
To Purchase Listen: A 24-Hour
Comic done in September
2009, click the button below.

"What You Can't Have"
32 page comic done in October
Only $5

$10 + Shipping
Purchase Piotyr's Prologue

Purchase Listen

Purchase What You Can't Have

If you have purchased A copy of the book and have not gotten an e-mail directing you to the comic site, or purchased the comic and lost the URL, please e-mail me at genesisw at gmail and I'll resend it to you.


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Click on the black and white image and visit our special donation page.  As a gift, you will receive a FULL COLOR background image of "The Two Poets of Saffron Park". Clicking on "return to website" after your donation will send you to the download page.

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